Let's Work Out the Next Step!

“As an Agile Coach and certified Mediator, I work with individuals and teams to help them identify the next step. As crafting good ways of working and living together is often a challenge it needs support. In the context of trainings , mediations and through the facilitation of workshops I provide exactly that.”

– Alexander Teibrich

How do we Craft Good Ways of Working and Living Together?

Depending on the initial situation and overall objectives, different formats are needed to collectively identify take the next step. I differentiate roughly between the following three formats: Mediation, Facilitation and Training/Agile Coaching.

Differences between the formats

More precisely:

  • In mediation, conflicting parties – couples, families, business partners or teams – are so estranged that productive progress is no longer possible. As a mediator, I listen empathetically and build a conversational atmosphere and structure that enables mutual understanding. Hence, the involved parties can once again go forward in search of solutions themselves and mutually agree on good next steps and the overall target picture. How do we want to live and work together in the future?
  • In workshops I support as facilitator. This makes it easier for a team to reach their goals together. The group can fully concentrate on the content, while I look at and provide a good discussion framework and a goal-oriented structure.
  • As a Trainer or Agile Coach I am a subject matter expert. I structure and support the path to a learning or organisational development goal. On the way, I make sure to meet the group where they are and center around everyones needs to make sure that everyone is involved. The goal is to be on the road together.

What does it Mean for Me to Work Out the Next Step Together?

As a member of the Scout Movement I have been on the move with groups for over 20 years. Whether on a hike in the alpine terrain, during a mediation or during the agile transformation of an organization: It is always important to make sure that nobody loses sight of the others, to focus on individuals and their needs and to focus on a common goal. Here and there I like to work together to identify good ways forward!

How I work

people- and group-centered

visual, hands-on & applied

focused on experiantial learning