Scrum Trainings

Learn the basics of Agile & Scrum here and have a ideal preparation for the certification as Scrum Master, e.g. at

Agile & Scrum Training

Learn the basics of Agile & Scrum here and have a ideal preparation for the certification as Scrum Master, e.g. at

Agile and Scrum are on everyone's lips; we're sure that a solid understanding of both will help you successfully tackle the projects that matter most to you in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. This 2-day training teaches the basics of Scrum in a clear and practical way and within a small group of learners. The core component is a practical simulation, in which all participants experience Scrum first-hand and learn the basic principles of Scrum such as self-organization, timeboxing, prioritization, retrospective, … . Many examples and applied exercises in addition allow a direct transfer of knowledge to the application in your company or organization.

This training is aimed at all those who want to learn more about Scrum and the underlying agile values and/or prepare for the role as a Scrum Team Member or Scrum Master (in an IT and non-IT environment). Participants learn to …

  • Understand the Scrum basics like roles, meetings and artifacts (e.g. the backlog)
  • Know the historical classification of Scrum
  • Understand the Scrum Master role and its importance and can apply it in their own organization
  • Learn to place Scrum in the context of the Agile Principles and understand the underlying Scrum values and principles in their interaction with the company structure and culture
  • Specify the terms “Ready” and “Done” and link them to their own examples
  • Understand the ideal composition of teams and know the mechanisms within Scrum that support self-organization and enable continuous development and learning
  • Understand how product and backlog management, as well as (release) planning work with Scrum
  • Understand how quality is assured and technical risks are handled in Scrum
  • Develop initial approaches and next steps within the context of their own organisation

The course is highly interactive and has a strong workshop character. Included are all necessary contents to take the certification exam of to become a Professional Scrum Master I. (not included in the course price)

Duration 2 days. As preparation for the course we recommend to read the Scrum Guide (

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where does the course take place?

The training will most likely take place in the Industrial Loft (Muskauer Straße 24, 10997 Berlin). (subject to change)

What are the course times?

The course times are typically between 9:30 and 18:00 on the first day and between 9:30 and about 17:00 on the second day. Breaks are arranged in alignment with the other participants. During the lunch break, which lasts approximately one hour, there is the possibility to visit a nearby lunch restaurant together with the group (at your own expense).

No. This course prepares for a possible (online) certification, but is not related or associated with