Navigating difficult Conversations


Have you ever wondered how to start or structure a conversation with a colleague about a tough topic? Are you unsure, whether you should have that conversation at all? Conflicts are part of everyday life and dealing with them is an essential business skill. If you want to know more, this might be for you:

Feb 3, 2020 — Feb 4, 2020
MBition intern
MBition, Berlin

„Navigating Difficult Conversations“ is a 2-day training, that provides participants with a mental map that guides them through the shallows of tough conversations and interpersonal conflicts. Avoid wasting precious energy on feeling negative about a person or situation. Have an effective and constructive conversation about it. Understand what makes a conversation difficult and be able to prepare and structure them effectively!

Participants learn to

  • apply supportive conversation techniques like active listening, I-messages and mirroring
  • identify escalating communication patterns and the important aspects of non-violent communication
  • choose a communication style that supports giving and taking constructive feedback
  • use a step-by-step guide to prepare and go through difficult conversations and evaluate the usage
  • identify different conflict styles and levels of conflict escalation
  • support each other to clarify & inspect difficult situations
Alexander Teibrich
Mediator, Agile Coach & Trainer

Alexander Teibrich is Mediator, Agile Coach and Faciltator. He works for MBition/Daimler in Berlin.